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I was born in 1993 in Izmir. I grew up in a hospital environment because of my parents' jobs. My father was a technician in the radiology department. As a child, I sometimes accompanied him to the hospital. X-rays in the hospital darkroom are my earliest memories of photography.

Later, in 2011, I moved to Istanbul to continue my university education. While the urge to travel was developing in me, on the other hand, I became curious about analog cameras.

The documentary called Heima, which I watched at that time, aroused my great curiosity towards the northern countries. In the following period, I traveled to northern countries such as Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway and Denmark. Looking at the photos I took at the end of each trip, I realized that this medium was not just a visual, but gave me the chance to express myself.

From that point,  I am gazing at life and myself through my camera.

about: Biyografi
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