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slow sleep

This series displayed as a part of the exhibition called Change of Plans in March 2022 @ Mixer Gallery

Change of Plans

 The exhibition, far from documenting the environmental aftermath of the pandemic, tries to understand the psychological and emotional dynamics of the outbreak through the notions of unexpected and sudden decisions, failed plans, isolation, future anxiety, and obscurity. The exhibition re-contextualizes the artists’ independent visual bodies of work produced during the pandemic within this curatorial framework and it aims to create a collective narrative while inviting the viewer to question where they stand in and how big of a part they play in this collective memory. Bringing together the works of artists residing in and outside of Turkey from the same generation, the exhibition echoes a universal depression that felt so common for the first time, and traces the stories and personal experiences assembling a collective expression.

Slow Sleep

 The concept of “The Slow Sleep” series shown in this exhibition makes a reference to a state called “slow-wave sleep” where the mind is at most peace and meditative state due to expanded and decelerated brain waves. This is also known as the third part of sleep where the memory is enhanced the most.The Slow Sleep consists of photographic records as a result of the artist’s journey before and after the pandemic.

slow sleep: Metin
slow sleep: Öne Çıkan Çalışmalar
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